When digital manipulation starts to lie

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Here is a nice snap I took of the Sydney harbor last time I was there…

Sydney habour bridge and Opera hOuse

…but it has been edited. Here is the original:

Sydney habour bridge and Opera hOuse

Although in reality the Opera House is situated relatively near to the harbor bridge the it is still far enough away as to appear quite small in the photo. I took a bit of artistic license to enlarge the Sydney Opera house a little and it looked better, it actually looked more real and the viewer would benefit from a clearer view of the Opera House. Then I enlarged it some more and it's still didn't look bad, in fact some people commented how good it looked, but when I turned of the layer an realized just how much I had changed it. Have I crossed the boundary between enhancement and fabrication? Have I digitally altered the size of the Opera House too much? Is the result a lie?

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