How to check how your webpage will look when shared on Facebook

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Check how your webpage will look when shared by Facebook
How to check how your webpage will look when shared on Facebook
How can you check exactly how your we site will look when you share it on Facebook? Obviously the easiest way to check how you web page will look when sharing it with Facebook is, well.., to share it. But if you aren’t ready for that and only want to test how it will look, here are some options which will give you better information about how you site will look when you share it with Facebook and what might need changing.
1) Almost sharing it.
If you want to test how your site will look on Facebook without actually sharing it, you can always “almost share it”. This is to say, login to your Facebook account and start to share the page by pasting the URL into a status update. Boefroe you post it, Facebook will process the link and show you straight away what it will look like to others once it’s shared. After that you can choose not to post it, no problem, just delete the contents of the status update.
2) [Best option] Get valuable feedback on how the page will look when shared on Facebook.
To get a more complete picture of how Facebook processes your page and what information will be displayed, you just need to head on over to the Facebook debug tool and enter a URL ( Facebook will scrape your site for open graph information it can use when displaying your page in the Facebook feed.
when shared image showing facebook scraped open graph data screenshot
Open graph is the name of the metal data Facebook looks for when loading your webpages. You would de well to familiarize yourself with open graph and the metadata Facebook uses. There are modules you can use to add open graph into popular CMS’s like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal or you can simply add them in html to your static html pages.
More information on Facebook´s open graph cane be found here: (including a verity of tools at the bottom of the page)