Google wins, a tragedy for #competition and the consumer

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A sad day for competition today. I just received an email from CONTAXE a German contextual web advertising company which competes against Google's dominant advertising service. I myself have used this service and am currently using Google. I think the service was great and admit to only be using Google because I real have no other choice. There were simply are not enough advertisers CONTAXES to make the contextual system work well and ads serve were not relevant enough to be successful. Of course without publisher support like mine it must have been hard to attract advertisers a catch 22 situation for which advertisers and consumer will ultimately pay.

I encourage anyone reading this to talk about other alternative in the comments so that we can help keep competition alive.

Here is the translated email for you:


Dear CONTAXE partner,

The high technology affiliate network advertising platform CONTAXE which has positioned itself against the more or less monopolistic Google since 2007 will forthwith be closing it's doors.

You can find further information on our website:

We are very sorry that we can't continue to fight in the Google dominated online advertising space and thank you for the past cooperation.

Your team from Contaxe


If you have 3.5 million, you can buy Contaxe off ebay (here):



Original text in German:

Verehrte Partnerinnen und Partner von CONTAXE,

die Werbeplattform CONTAXE, die sich ab Juli 2007 als
Affiliate-Netzwerk mit hochfunktionaler Technologie als direkter
Wettbewerber zum Marktführer und Quasi-Monopolisten Google
positioniert hatte, stellt ab sofort seinen Betrieb ein.

Weiterführende Informationen gibt es auf unserer Website:

Wir bedauern sehr, dass wir den Kampf in dem von Google dominierten
Haifischbecken Online-Advertising nicht mehr weiterführen können,
und bedanken uns für die zurückliegende Zusammenarbeit.

Ihr Team von CONTAXE