7 Animated white board and cartoon presentation services and programs all Marketers need to know about.

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If you're in marketing, design or advertising, at some point you might need use an animated cartoon whiteboard video to present an idea. Unlike a static presentations the key to this medium is keeping the customers attention and illustrating ideas in a flowing natural stye. 
A whiteboard or scribble video is made with a variety simple effects:
  • A hand writing the words across the screen with a marker
  • A hand using a marker to draw a cartoon
  • Images popping in and out
  • Camera swings, pans and zooms
  • Cartoon charters with speech bubbles.
You get the idea. So here are some of my favourite services (and one iPad app) for achieving this result. Each has a different cost and quality, so I'll try to help you decide which is best:
Prezi is the least impressive of the bunch. It's pretty much just presentation software evolved to allow camera movements between points to keep a sense of flow. It is good if you want a presentation service which is free and simply show a flow of ideas. If you need the hand writing and drawing of in particular you are trying to sell something, then this is not for you.
Video scribe:
Video scribe does a great job of the effect of someone writing words across a screen or drawing a picture and is easily able to import .svg files and "draw" them by hand (although it only draws the outline and then the colours auto-fill, the effect is still quite good). The downside is that it's expensive, that is, unless you have an iPad. It costs (at time of writing) £16 per month or a whopping £398 for the standalone program. On the iPad its a one off payment of 4.50€ (sorry for the change in currency, that's how much it cost me) with 1.89€ to unlock removal of the watermark. As far as I can tell, the iPad version is identical to the PC or Mac versions, so if you don't yet have and iPad, you could get one for this program and still save money. At this price it's the right value and I found creating whiteboard hand drawn scribbles a breeze with a minimal learning curve (admittedly I pick up technology quickly). If you want to pay once and make as many videos as you like, then Video scribe (for iPad) is for you.
Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy many marketing and advertising services. People will do very strange and interesting things for as little as 5$. One of the most common services advertise is the video/cartoon/whitebaord presentation and many people actually use the afore mention video scribe program. It's probably better value to buy video scribe on the iPad so you can have the flexibilty to make a large number of changes. If you don't mind less control and prefer to get people to do the work for you fiver has a lot to offer including more than just the hand drawn animations.
Pow Toon:
Pow Toon is great. It's an online tool for creating whitebaords style presentations with some snazzy effects like quality pop up cartoon characters to help you tell your story. You can signup for free and start playing around. They have some nice templates and once you learn the system (it's pretty easy really) then you can start to create things quite quickly on your own. You are able to output to youtube with the Pow Toon logo embedded in the image or upgrade to a pro plan. Both subscriptions and Pay per export options are offered.
Here is a video I built for the coffee company I work for:
Go Animate:
By my reckoning, Go Animate is similar to pow toon. I didn't sign up and I couldn't see the "handwriting" effect, but what I did see was a general higher general quality and perhaps therefor higher cost than Pow Toon. If you have the budget Go Animate is worth checking out for a higher overall quality and a more distinct look, after all if most people end up using the iPad version of Video Scribe or Pow Toon then you will have something more unique by using Go Animate. 
Ydraw are pros and the charge like it. However considering important your advertising is and that it is probably tied to a PPC campaign with Google adwords or Facebook, buying the best will ultimately save you money. Sometime getting a cheap whit board or cartoon animation app or service will actually be 'penny wise, puns foolish' in that you save money on your presentation sure, but late you loose money on lower conversion. If you want a pro company and are prepared for the fact that you may have to spend more than $6500, then check out draw. Like I say, make sure you are not saving in the wrong place, if you are building a big campaign, get pros to do your work and you will get the benefits.
They also have a series of premade videos in which you simply change the text. These are called "Fast and Easy" videos and are prices aroun $1300
Voice Bunny:
OK. Voice Bunny does not offer a service which allows you to build the hand draw whiteboard presentations we've talked about, but it is an essential part of this set. Voice bunny is a voice over marketplace where you can choose a professional voiceover for your presentation. It seams to me to be really great value.
So thats my "7 Animated white board and cartoon presentation services and programs all Marketers need to know about". Do you have any that I've missed? Feel free to comment with videos you've made.