How to send a marketing HTML email with Mail Designer

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Sending a send a marketing HTML email with Mail Designer is really easy. Start by Creating your Marketing email using Mail Designer...
Export the email as HTML, by going to the menu: share>html
When you export the email as HTML, make sure you put the correct internet location of where the image files will be store in the box "Prefix image URLS with:". I'll explain; As you can see I will be uploading the images to my website (via FTP) to a folder in my domain called "/emails/1" (without the quotes). If you can't upload the photos to a website you could upload each one to an image hosting service like post, but if you do you will have to manually alter the html using a text editor after you export it. Important note: If you use your own domain to host the images and put them in a folder, make sure the folder has a unique name for every email you send. Mail designer simply exports the images with simple names like "image-1.jpg" and if you try to put more than one marketing email in the same folder you will be asked if you want to replace it. This would be ok if you never plan to send the same email again, but I prefer to upload all my image into a separate folder.
Once you have exported the html email from mail designer with the correct image URL prefix (the internet location as explained above), then simple upload the html and the image to that location.
You can now now check that everything is working by putting the URL into a web browser and checking it. Typically the address would be:
This should correct show your exported email.
Now in order to send it you just need to click on the share icon in Safari and click "email this page" or, if you aren't using Safari, lookup how to send an html email in your specific mail client. You may need to import the html into a new mail message, to do this, simply open the file "content.html" in a text editor and copy and paste it into a new email mail making sure you are in HTML view. You email client may also have an html importing function for creating html emails. Don't forget to send it to yourself first for checking!