Repair bootcamp bootloader so that windows partition is back.

by Andrew Brett Watson
Recently I cloned Mac OS X snow leopard over from an HDD to an SDD. I partitioned the SDD the same as the HDD and used XXCLONE to clone windows partition to the SDD. Everything went perfectly except the bootcamp bootloader no longer recognised windows 7. What that meant was that when I held down "alt" during boot I could no longer see windows to boot from. How do you get the windows icon back in the boot sequence when it's gone? Rather than re-install windows I solved it by rebuilding the partitions, heres how: Add a comment Read more: Repair bootcamp bootloader so that windows partition is back.

Things I miss on a Windows PC, that aren't in OS X :

by Andrew Watson

I'm a Mac guy. Let's get that out there first. People call me a fanboi, and, yes,  I think Mac OS X is brilliant. As far as I'm concerned it has alway outclassed Microsoft Windows. However there are a few things I actually miss from windows...

I've used windows for over 20 years and continue to dual boot into it for the ocasional game. Because I have used windows so extensively there are actually a couple of things I miss from that OS, even an ocasional feature of windows that I would love to see in Mac. Of course if I had to use windows the list of things I'd miss from the Mac OS would be far longer, but it's valid to give credit where credit is due.

Things I miss from windows:

  • Just pressing delete to send a file to the trash (but I DO NOT miss being asked if I "really want to move it to the recycle bin", if I am moving it to the trash I can get it back with undo...)
  • Right click drag (just a wee bit)
  • Pressing "Home" and "End" keys to go to the start and finish of a line of text.

Windows features I like:

  • Being able to lower the volume of each program separately in Windows 7.

Ok, so that's it. I really can't think of anything else. Really. I'll try to add more... If you know of any make a comment. Not much of a post I know, but when I started it I thought there would be more. Now feel free to take a look at the things I like about Mac OS X.

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Apples to Apples, Macs are cheaper than Windows PC's

12 reasons why Apple Macs are cheaper than Windows PCs.jpg

Yes (yawn), I'm sick of telling people, Macs are cheaper than Windows PC's. They are cheaper to own. The Apple Mac offers many cost savings for the user over time, so if you consider a comparison between a Mac and a PC of similar specs and with similar designs and perceived saving in the purchase price if you buy a PC will manifest in additional costs later.

Here are all the reason Mac are cheaper to own than PC's:

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