Things I miss on a Windows PC, that aren't in OS X :

I'm a Mac guy. Let's get that out there first. People call me a fanboi, and, yes,  I think Mac OS X is brilliant. As far as I'm concerned it has alway outclassed Microsoft Windows. However there are a few things I actually miss from windows...

I've used windows for over 20 years and continue to dual boot into it for the ocasional game. Because I have used windows so extensively there are actually a couple of things I miss from that OS, even an ocasional feature of windows that I would love to see in Mac. Of course if I had to use windows the list of things I'd miss from the Mac OS would be far longer, but it's valid to give credit where credit is due.

Things I miss from windows:

  • Just pressing delete to send a file to the trash (but I DO NOT miss being asked if I "really want to move it to the recycle bin", if I am moving it to the trash I can get it back with undo...)
  • Right click drag (just a wee bit)
  • Pressing "Home" and "End" keys to go to the start and finish of a line of text.

Windows features I like:

  • Being able to lower the volume of each program separately in Windows 7.

Ok, so that's it. I really can't think of anything else. Really. I'll try to add more... If you know of any make a comment. Not much of a post I know, but when I started it I thought there would be more. Now feel free to take a look at the things I like about Mac OS X.