When/how do you unlock the mini games on plant's vs Zombies Apple Mac version


Plants vs Zombies unlock minigames on Apple MAC

My son just got plants vs zombies free from EA for the Apple Mac (check here to see if the deal is still going) .  He already has the iPad version but wanted to know how different it was on the computer.

He wasn't really interested in laying the Adventure levels as he as completed them a long time ago and plants vs zombies 2 as well (on the iPad). So he wanted to know how much of the adventure levels you had to complete to unlock the min games.

We could't find it on the internet so we simply had to try it out. It turns out that while playing level 3-2 the first set of mini games were unlocked. I believe we will have to continue to play the adventure mode of PVZ on the Mac in order to unlock more mini games, but good to know when the first ones become available because my son was loosing interest and didn't want have to complete the whole game to unlock mini games.