How to get a compatible Xbox 360 controller on Apple Mac working

Compatible Xbox controller
If you just bought an Xbox (360/One) compatible driver for your Apple Mac and found it doesn't work "out of the box" fear not, I have the solution.
I've heard that an actual real Microsoft Xbox controller works out of the box on an Apple Mac. I wouldn't know, I bought an Xbox compatible controller which did not immediately work on my Mac. I kept reading that an Xbox controller just works on an Apple Mac (even better than a PC because it doesn't need a driver) but unfortunately the compatible controller I bought didn't. I needed a solution to get my emulated retro gaming fix, and I need it fast.
I found the solution was to download a driver which I got here: Xbox Compatible Apple Mac driver.
I also discovered an alternative way to get a compatible Xbox controller working on a Mac which I never used because the first solution worked so flawlessly. In case you need it here is an alternative driver for a compatible XBox controller: HID Driver Apple Mac
I hope one or other of those work for you.
Now my son can play Sonic on this awesome open multiple video game console emulator (that's him playing sonic:)
Boy playing Sonic on an Apple Mac with an Xbox 360 Controller
About that Xbox controller, yea, it glows:
glowing Xbox 360 controller (wired)