What I love about most on my Mac:

What single thing do I like most about the Mac? iPhoto is for me, almost worth the cost of a Mac by itself. I mean there are plenty of great features of my iPad or Mac, but I have all the photos I have ever taken in iPhoto, faces tagged, locations tagged, I can find anything quickly.... How can you live without this? How do "PC" people survive without iPhoto?
So what would be the single thing I would change the most on my Mac?What would I like to improve?
I would like iPhoto to have event folders. I love the way iPhoto stores events and I totally understand the intention to disrupt the old notion of a hierarchical structure, but some things I have in iPhoto aren't events. Eg: My brothers family, or that MISC event full of useful photos, actually I have more than one of these.
I think a hierarchical folder system works perfectly for file or photos and we should build on it not eliminate it. Let's face it, our brain store things efficiently by compartmentalising things. We can easily remember the page is in the book, on the shelf in the bookcase in the study. This is what I would like to see in iPhoto. 
I'd like to show my events split by years either using an "event folder" or having iPhoto simply display them in sections you can label or simply sectioning them by year. If iPhoto had event folders, I could do this myself.
I have so many Events, something needs to be done, it's almost the only thing I'd like to see done with iPhoto. I would like more editing options and a better sharpening tool, but other than the I love iPhoto and I just want a folder system built in. I wonder how the iPhoto developer team at Apple manage their photos? Are they wading in a sea of event's too?