Repair bootcamp bootloader so that windows partition is back.

Boot camp bootload with Mac and Windows OS.jpg
Recently I cloned Mac OS X snow leopard over from an HDD to an SDD. I partitioned the SDD the same as the HDD and used XXCLONE to clone windows partition to the SDD. Everything went perfectly except the bootcamp bootloader no longer recognised windows 7. What that meant was that when I held down "alt" during boot I could no longer see windows to boot from. How do you get the windows icon back in the boot sequence when it's gone? Rather than re-install windows I solved it by rebuilding the partitions, heres how:
If the bootcamp boot loader would no longer recognise the windows partiton (so would no longer boot from it), don't fret, fire up disk utility and we'll have that fixed in a jiffy.
To restore the bootcamp bootloader on Apple Mac OS X without risking my data/partitions:
Before we start be warned. We are about to use disk utility, and although what we are doing will be harmless, rebuilding your bootcamp partitions is not without risks. MAKE SURE YOUR DATA IS BACKED-UP. Do not procede with anything here you do not feel you fully understand.
  1. Start diskutility. It's in the applications folder on Mac OS X, you can click the magnifying glass icon (they call that Spotlight) to search for "Disk Utility".
  2. In Disk Utility you will see a list of drives on the left, look for the one whose bootcamp bootloader you want to recover. I.e. look for the disk which has a the windows partition that you can no longer boot into when holding down the alt key on reboot. When you see it, click on it in the left pane and then click on the tab called "partitions" to see the partition information. You should see your windows partiton and your Mac OS X partition (an any other partitions which are there).
  3. Here's where you need to be careful. It's relatively straightforward, but please read carefully before proceeding. Under Partitions, click on a Mac Partition, any partition using the format "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" will do. Click into the box which saze "Size" and change it a fraction, for example, lower it by .5 mb. Then you click "apply", now, READ CAREFULLY: A dialogue should appear saying none of your partitions will be erased if you have followed my instructions correctly. If this is the case you can click ok to finish (and rebuilt the partitions for the bootcamp bootloader), if not, STOP. If it says a partition(s) will be erased, you have done something wrong and clicking to continue will wipe your data. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel. Go back and try again.
I hope this helps you back to a happy dual booting system with Windows and Mac and I hope that you are able to rebuild the partions so that bootcamp can see windows as easily as I did.