Using an iPad instead of a fax.

iPad 2

My mother need to organize group of nurses trying on uniforms for the company she works for. They set up a site in Christchurch and wanted the nurses to fill out a from which needed to be sent to the other end of the country (Auckland). At first they were going to fax the forms, but my mother who currently has not mobile computing device asked me if I felt there was a better way. Here is my response:

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iPad gush, why you/everyone should own an iPad.

by Andrew Watson

iPad 2

For quite a long time I have been holding back on facebook, I don't want to subject my friends to over-enthusiastic posts about my iPad. One of the reasons for this is that in the group of people who don't have an iPad there exists two subsets of people called "Apple haters" and "Sick of Apple Newsers". Some of my friends happen to fit into this group. Really I could post every day how my iPad makes me giggle about how amazing and useful it is, but they would soon get bored of it and start to resent me.

But, well, I have to say it somewhere... the iPad is amazing! No, it's ubermazing! I really cannot recommend it enough and I think everyone should have one.

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Failblog iPad app fail

by Andrew Brett Watson

I had to ROFL. Many of you know fail blog, a great source of amusement showing us the height of idiociy. Imagine my surprise when I download the blogs poorly executed iPad app which conceals the content with the user interface. Epic fail.

The above picture should read "The other children?, They tasted wonderful", you can see the bottom line but the top line is totally obscured. This would likely affect allot of content. The actual fail blog app fails. Classic.

After using it I noticed even more fails, suffice as to say it has now been deleted from my iPad, but not before I snapped a few more pics of faildom.....

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nooooooo, i do NOT want to delete steve jobs

by Andrew Brett Watson

So the other day in order to keep my iPad clean, I was deleting apps and decide I should also remove the Steve Jobs biography I have just read (highly recommend), but as I tapped to delete it I was greeted with a horrible message....

Nooo I do NOT want to delete Steve Jobs!

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