iPad how to fix green pixel noise screen after drop.

Yep, he finally did it. My son drop his mother's iPad 2. The screen didn't break but it did start displaying a crazy random pixel noise with mostly creen pixels splattered accross the iPad screen. Here's how I fixed it:

I could tell that the screen wasn't busted because I have worked in I.T. long enough to regognise the symptoms. There were no dead pixels and the fact that many look green seamed to indicate a loose conection.

I watched a couple of teardown videos to see where the cable in the iPad conencted to the main board and thought, maybe if it dislodged because of a jolt, perhaps I could fix it the same way.  So I tapped the iPad on the back to try and fix the green noise random pixels problem. It worked and what's more it lasted a number of months before another small knock bought it back.

I thought it was usefull enought to show others, so while I was trying to fix it <again> I made the video on how to repair the iPad green static screen after as drop. What do you know? It worked on camera first time (even though my kids did everything they could to get in the way).

Hope this helps you if you drop you iPad and end up with a crazy pettern fo green pixels on the screen.