M.C Escher style Puzzled Game for the iPad? You had me at #MCEscher @ustwogames

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Screenshot of monument valley game

Oooh. I like the look of this in many ways. I'm a big M.C. Esher (Maurits Escher) fan and I've always loved the idea of exploring his and other similar optical illusions in 3D renderings and video games. I mean, who doesn't remember (and love) the M.C. Escher style scene in the movie Labyrinth (1986)? True this game is 2D representing a 3D world, but it looks like it works.

Here is the M.C. Escher style iPad game (called "MONUMENT VALLEY" - here it is on the App store):

Here is that famous M.C. Escher inspired scene from Labyrinth:

Oh, and here is a Maurits Escher documentary as a bonus: