Zombiez a Lemings clone for the iPad I actually love.


Zombiez a lemings clone I actually love.

Yes. I loved lemmings, lets face it, who didn't? But the clones, meh, I never found one that inspired me, that is until I stumbled upon a lemmings clone with Zombies.


Sounds like a sell out doesn't it? Build a lemmings clone, with zombies... instant winner. Right? We'll it's doesn't win BECAUSE of the zombies, it's just a nice playable game that seams to do a Lemmings clone right. Perhaps because it sticks very closely to the Lemmings recipe. Basically, the zombies stagger along (what verb should one use to describe zombies walking?) just fast enough to keep you tapping them furiously to turn them into bombers, digger, blocker ect in order to solve the lemming style levels.

For a free app (add supported) it's a no brainer (lol), especially for Lemmings fans. Go get it.