Spanish Vodafone can't distinguish between iPad and Galaxy tab.

Looks like Spaish vodafone is having a hard time telling the difference between iPads and Galaxy tabs too. Vodafone website ( advertises an iPad for 1€ a day. When you click the radial button, it tells you that you have to go an make a purchase at one of their stores and then gives you and example of how it's financed. In the example they show an iPad Samsung Galaxy tab. They are almost the same aren't they? Apparently Vodfone thinks so.
What I find personally unfortunate about this is that if people do indeed get a Galaxy tab thinking it's an iPad, then they will be getting an inferior machine/experience. If they we're pulling the old switch-a-roo and promoting a better product at least you could feel like the customer benefited in the end. I'm not saying that would make it better (actaully I don't know what I'm saying), it just doesn't look, y'know... honest.
no... Samsung didn't copy... not at all...