Got a wierd feeling when I saw someone had made "my invention". #inventors and #designers will understand.

by Andrew Brett Watson

OK, so this was wierd…  a few months ago I tweeted about and idea for an invention I came up with quite a long time ago. A set of robots which could manoeuvre under the wheels of a car and lift the car to shunt it to a better parking space.

My idea was that they could be used to correct that problem where one extra wide car or person parking badly causes everyone who parks beside them to park badly and perpetuates until enough spaces are free that things can return to normal.

I mean, how many times have you seen people on the internet complaining about people parking poorly? Theyu are the drivers we love to hate. Often poeple will leave nasty notes or sometimes, or in some extreemes resort to defacing the poorly parket car in question. I always think; "what if it wasn't that cars fault? Maybe it was the car in the park next to them that forced them to park that way and now that other car has left?".

Anyway, it's one of those invention ideas you have by you know you are never going to do anything about it because it's not your best idea, it's not commercially viable ot you don't have the resources to make it happen.

But you want to know whats really weird? When someone else has the exact same idea and produces the product, then you randomly stumble on it one day on the internet.

To be clear, I don't believe someone randomly saw my tweet and then made the product, it would have taken far too long to develop. It's just a bizarre felling to see "your invention" made real by someone else.

This is almost exactly how I imagined a set of robots for moving cars would be:


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That's just plain nuts: robotic ants teaming up #creepy or #cool?

by Andrew Brett Watson

I thought I just posted about mind blowing tech of the day and then these 3D ants showed up. I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants. These little blighters have great potential but also hint at the dark side of robotics, imagine a pletora of bionic ants like these in the wrong hands... sounds not too far of the robots out of Hero 6.

Don't be fooled though, I'm impressed. The software for creating robot ants that can work together and also take care of themesleves autonomously is pretty cool.

Check it out and decide for yourself: Creepy or Cool?

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Is a scam?

by Andrew Brett Watson

is G2A a scam?

In the post I will answer try to answer the following questions (in this order).


  • Is a scam?Are selling stolen games?
  • If I buy a game from will I actually get it. (Or will i be ripped off)
  • Are selling stolen games?
  • How does get it's games?
  • Is buying from morally acceptable?


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The definitive explanation about #thedress (is it blue and black or white and gold) and why many of the experts are WRONG.

by Andrew Brett Watson

I'm not much of a blogger, but today I wanted to weigh in on #thedress, you know, the one that's either blue and black or white and gold (depending on who you are).

I would have left it alone thinking some people see it a bit darker than I do. Until last Wednesday, when I sat next to a "blue-and-blacker" and realised he wasn't seeing it wrong at all and there was nothing wrong with his eyesight or his colour peception (I'm a white-and-golder btw).

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A great top down shooter #Unity tutorial that will show you how easily you can make games.

by Andrew Brett Watson


Making video games is getting easier and easier thanks to great tools like Unity a 3D and 2D (and even 2.5D) video game building application. If you ever wanted to learn how to build a video game, Unity is fairly easy to use. You can almost get way with building game completely without learning code. It's not quite as easy as some click and build game creators but it is a professional video game development tool that is relatively easy to use.

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A video every #recycling nay-sayer has to watch #environment

by Andrew Brett Watson

We all have to recycle. We HAVE to. There are too many people in this world to be wastefull. End of story. Seperationg your rubbish into different bins is easy and after time, it becomes automatic.

If you run into any nicomppop with some stupid arguement against recycling show them this video. I've been recycling diligently for years know that placstic could be recyled into plastic the palets and then use for new plastic devices. But I did not know this:

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Manulo Sanchez (#BookOfLife) is my new favourite #Matador (#Bullfighter)

by Andrew Brett Watson

Manulo Sanzhez from book of life says killing the bull is wrong

(Monolo Snachez the bullfighter refuses to kill bulls in "The Book Of Life")

Bull fighting is wrong. It's not a matter of culture because the torture and murder of innocent beings is not acceptable in anyway. Not for humans. Not for animals. Heck even the abuse of personal rights cannot ever be defended as a matter of culture, yet people still continue to oppress and disadvantage others using culture as an excuse.

Culture is never an excuse for abuse.

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People who can't live with other people shouldn't live with other people.

by Andrew Brett Watson

Child screaming with delight

"People who can't live with other people shouldn't live with other people" - I wrote that in response to a news article about how residents complained about the noise of kids screaming with delight while playing on a flying fox.

Of course it applies to so much more, it's goes far deeper than that. I'm continually ashamed as a human being how intolerant people are of others and yet our very existence requires that we learn can live with people because we live in such dense populations.

If this doesn't suit you, rather than complaining about the people around you perhaps your  energy would be better spent moving away from them.

Every person is another you, just different, and I'm pretty sure regardless of race, sexual orientation or culture we were all at one stage children right? So we could at least start by being tolerant of kids, even if we're shit at everything else.

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#Tesla leaves Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the dust shows why #electriccars are great

by Andrew Brett Watson

When most people watch this video it's easy to see that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat get is ass kicked by the Tesla becuase it fluffed the start. To me this just shows why Tasla cars (an indeed similarly powered electric vehicles) are faster. It's not that the are that much faster when they go up against high powered combustion engines, it's more the direct drive and electric motor make it much easier to get going fast. With a combustion engine you have to rev the engine high enough to get maximum power but not so high that you spin the wheels and loose traction (and therefore loose speed). This is not actually that easy to do. The Tesla on the other hand, doesn't have that problem and although we all love to think that we are great drivers (actually I'm the best in the world!), having a drag race is not easy and most people would end up doing what the Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver did.

I love those Teslas:

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Collaborative Entertainment. Are we at the dawn of a new type of fun? #Microsoft #Hololense

by Andrew Brett Watson

Hololens A new kind of entertainment?Image credit: Wired

Recently (today?) Microsoft unveiled its new sudo holographic technology dubbed HoloLens. I say sudo holographic because it projects an image onto transparent screen which hangs off a headband in front of your eyes. It's probably more augmented reality than holographic. But what do I know? What I really want to say is: it looks like fun.

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#timelapse of the stripping down of a Triumph Herald engine #motor #triumphherald #oldskool

by Andrew Brett Watson

Great video! A time lapse of the stripping down of a Triumph Herald engine. At least I'm pretty sure it must be a Triumph Herald, I mean, I had at one time about four of them. I recognise the engine (which I also stripped and rebuilt just not with out help and not to this detail). The other tell-tail detail that it must be a Triumph Herald is that the bonnet which opens forward (and can be easily removed).

Anyway this brought back fond memories. I even painted my Herald engine in white and that exact same shade of blue. It was like I was looking back in time..

I also loved that fact that on the Triumph Herald you could easily remove the hard top with just a few bolts. many is the time we drove hurriedly home when it started to rain because I have removed the roof earlier that morning. Fun times.

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