Funny Stock quotes

Ever have one of those days when your stocks plummeted? I tried my hand once in a bit of speculation on the stock market, sold my regular stock and bet on some good financial results from one of the darlings of wall street. Unfortunately the company failed to reach it's targets and I lost a very very large sum of money (oh well). So you can imagine that being a bit of a stock noob, I got a little worried when I looked up my stocks and found this...

Apple stock completely gone (at $0.00)

Netflix stock completely gone (at $0.00)Google stock completely gone (at $0.00)

I didn't think the stock market had crashed,.. but I though that perhaps anonymous had been successful in "wiping the slate clean" and I might be face with a total loss of all my stocks. Fortunately I resisted the panic long enough to refresh about ten minutes later and the stock market had recovered. Phew!