Why our thinking about global warming and fossil fuels is all wrong.

Our planet is getting warmer. Our fossil fuels are dwindling. Oh well, pass the nuts.

I am constantly dismayed at how little is actually done by people about Global Warming (other than complain that something must be done). I asked around the office how many people recycle and it turned out that I was the only person who recycled everything. A select few recycled their paper and many recycled glass, and that's it. Plastic, oh, that just went in with the normal rubbish.


But my dismay is not at that fact that people don't do it. It's that they don't see how important it is. No, How ESSENTIAL it is. This is why I think our attitude about global warming and fossil fuels is all wrong.

Progress in recycling and research into renewable energy is not just about making our planet better today. It's about harmonising with our environment sooner. Sooner being the operative word. Every effort we make TODAY brings forward the day we finally achieve a sustainable existence on this planet.

It's a bit like saving for your retirement. You can put it off for years and then suddenly you might worry how you a going to survive when you retire, perhaps even too late to doing anything about it. I am convinced that's where humanity is headed with the environment. We are not going to realise until after it's too late just how bad things really were. But if you start early it's easier to achieve the goal. In the case of recycling and renewable energy it's all about developing technology to create the efficiency we need to make environmental harmony and sustainability a reality as soon as possible. In that regard, we're not doing enough.

Everyones has at some time heard the story that some "friend" saw the recycling being put in with the normal rubbish, or that the production of batteries for electric cars/creating the electricity to run them is as bad for the environment as using fossil fuel or perhaps that some "just as environmentally unfriendly" source of electrical energy generation is used and negates the environmental benefits of electric cars. I think thats missing the point entirely. The point is not if we can do this effectively today. It's more like, we HAVE to do this NOW and constantly improve until we ARE good at it.

Imagine for a minute that in order to achieve the lofty goal of harmonising with the environment in which we live, we need to train ourselves and our children. Perhaps we need to put the recycle bins out and so people get use to using them in order to make this process viable. Before efficiency is achieved, there might be the case when theres not enough recycling to warrant taking it to a recycling station. The more people that doc it, the better we become at recycling.

And hey, before anyone poo-poos recycling they really should watch this video:

Regarding electric cars, they same principle applies. We need to be developing it now. NOT so that we can use it now, well, sure, that too, but equally important is developing the tech for the future. We have to create the demand and infrastructure and better efficiency on all environmental fronts. Companies like Teslas Motors know this (see Why electric car naysayers are wrong). Tesla motors is not just about electric cars. It's about making electric vehicles in the best possible way so that they will be adopted TODAY and that this, i.e. renewable energy, is the ONLY energy we should be using and working with. Not tomorrow. Now.

In my humble opinion recycling and renewable energy naysayers should simply remember that in order to invent the car we first had to perfect the wheel. To ensure we can continue to survive on this planet we have to start at the beginning and forge ahead as fast as possible. So please. Tell me you recycle.