Why electric car naysayers are wrong. #tsla #Tesla #teslamotors #greencars #electriccar

800px Tesla Model S

Imagine I made a “dogp3player” a kind of mp3 player which only dogs could hear and I started selling it for 500$. How long before the price came down? Never. That’s how long. Because there wouldn’t much demand in the product. Without demand, there is nothing to incentivize other companies to also make the product, ergo there would be no competition. Competition drives prices down as companies compete to make sales by improving the value proposition to the customer. Lower prices often fuel additional demand and companies invest to continually make products better and cheaper in order to make more sales. High demand also allows companies to improve fabrication which can not only lead to cheaper production, it provides the financial resources needed to make a product with less materials, less waste and often less toxic materials.

People who complained about computers ending up in landfills probably didn’t think the one day we would have computers the size of a USB pen drive (thumb drive) and computers without keyboards (mobile phones and tablets) and super thin monitors which use far less materials. Sure, if we had of stopped upgrading then there would have been less waste, but by now those savings would have been mitigated by the extra environmental strains on producing the same resource intensive products for a growing population.

Once you understand this, you might just be able to get an idea that Elon Musk and Tesla Motors aren’t selling an environmentally friendly car, he is selling our environmentally friendly future.

If I had my way, fuel powered cars would already be exorbitantly priced. Why? Global warming is real. Fossil fuel is a finite supply. We MUST be giving all our effort into producing environmentally friendly renewable energy and all our machines and device MUST run on these products.

If you see a naysayer talking about; “how batteries aren’t environmentally friendly to produce”, or; “electricity is generated by nuclear power or burnt coal and therefore just as bad”, or even; “electric cars are just swapping one kind of environmental damage for another”, you are looking at person who so short sighted that they don't seam to even realise they are in fact arguing against the very survival of our species.

People are still not taking our future survival seriously enough.

“Oh, I’m not going to buy a car because it only does a few hundred km on a single charge”. Who are you? Why do you need to drive so much on a charge? Why can’t you endure a little hardship (like having to re-charge the battery) en exchange for.. I don’t know.. the SURVIVAL OF MANKIND!

People who claim Tesla Motors and Elon Musk are lying when they mention the environmental advantages of their product seam to have no understanding of what they are actually talking about. Elon Musk has had made it no secret that he believes the future of cars must be electric and that he and is company is pushing to make that a reality for EVERYBODY because they believe in the essential goal of a carbon neutral transportation future. He has open sourced the charging station designs and actively encouraged competitition in the market.

Tesla Motors current manufactures one of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet. It looks good and it’s super safe. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels and by all accounts is a fantastic drive. In short, Tesla Motors not only is pushing a reluctant motor industry in the direct it should have been heading on for years, it’s doing so with a top of the line product which is creating awareness and demand for this technology.

But it goes even further than that. Elon Musk is doing something similar to what Jeff Bezos has been doing with amazon. Building the company in the only way that is right to ensure the best possible future for the company and it’s product. He is building the manufacturing and technological prowess needed to stay at number one in the Electric Car market (which if I had my way, would just be called “the car market”). I could be wrong, but I don’t think Elon Musk cares about anything else than making a fantastic company with production and tech capabilities needed to make electric cars work on a grand scale. Share price be dammed. He’s even erchewing short profits in favor of building the business the way it needs to be for the future (a la Bezos). In order to make and affordable electric car and motivate people to ween themselves of their reliance on greenhouse gas spewing machines Tesla Motors needs to be and in oder to have the biggest positive impact on reducing our evironmentally poisonous ways they are doing the best they can be and to get there as soon as possible. THATS's what makes Elon Musk and Tesla Motors so inspiring.

Make no mistake, Tesla and Elon haters are NOT environmentalists.