Is a scam?

is G2A a scam?

In the post I will answer try to answer the following questions (in this order).


  • Is a scam?Are selling stolen games?
  • If I buy a game from will I actually get it. (Or will i be ripped off)
  • Are selling stolen games?
  • How does get it's games?
  • Is buying from morally acceptable?


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Also please read the entire post about if is a scam. There are many aspects to answering that question you should consider.

Now the answers.

1) Is a scam?

There are many ways a website can try to scam you. sells video games for quite a considerable discount and therefore many wonder if it's a scam. There are two ways a website like this might try to scam you, either it does not give you games you paid for, or you end up paying in som other fashion like fake credit card billings or spam etc. I made a test purchase Plants vs Zombies and Battlefield with the express goal of establishing if was a scam or not. Not only did i get the game no problem, but the process was quick and the support staff knowledgable and curious. You need to be aware that after you buy a game requires you to use a screen sharing tool and they watch your screen as you enter you code to make sure it's valid and also used. I worried that they might be secretly installing malware or doing something else scam related but the process was so quick and painless an I immediately deleted the screen sharing app so I am happy there was no scam behavior there.

2) If i buy a game from will I actually get it. (Or will i be ripped off).

As you have just read, I did get the games I bought from I was not in anyway ripped off and the who process was quick professional and cheap. I recommend as a good way to get games cheaper if you can afford the retail ticket price. Please keep reading so you can see my recommendation is not just because it is not a scam, but I also considered moral and business aspects.

3) Are selling stolen games?

Friend of mine (who opinion I hold in high esteem) whole also hap end to hold an important position in Electronic Arts once told me is selling stolen games. I asked for any kind of corroboration of that and in the I believe that is just hearsay. You see this page? this domain? they have MY FULL NAME on them. I would not every be seen to recommend any service that was involved in any criminal activity whatsoever. I'm not saying anything against my industry insider friend, it's just that I simply can believe the could possible use "stolen" games as ongoing business model (I am writing this article over a year after buying my first gam at

4) How does get it's games?

It is clear that you cannon buy a video game code which will successfully unlock a game via Steam or EA Origin etc without them bing legitimate. Oh sure you can find places which scam you by selling face code which won't unlock, but will actually make sure your game successfully unlocks, so they must have a legitimate origin. I believe simply buy games (perhaps in bulk) from the original vendor (like Origin, Steam, Xbox, PSN, Gameforge, Battlenet, Uplay and Desura) in countries where the price is cheaper. You can do that too, if you don't want to buy from because you are afraid it might be a scam, then you can uses a service like HOLA to allow you to access you favourite gaming service from a country which because of cost of living, relate earnings power, market forces and currency exchanges, allow you to buy the came directly from the source but for less than you pay in your country. Now you only need to decide for yourself….

5) Is buying from morally acceptable?

I am a very moral guy. At least I try to be. I see sales made by services such as simply a way of large companies broadening their potential market and providing people with a less disposable income with a way of not resorting to piracy. I am in general against piracy. Large teams of people work very hard to build, text (I used to work at Electronic art as a video game tester), produce and market software/video games. The idea the you're life may be improved without the appropriate reward going to those who facilitated that for you, I find morally repugnant. Except for one thing… Everybody has a different amount of disposable income. The are over 7 billion people on the plant and most of them are poor. Yep, if your reading this and trying to establish weather or not is a scam, then chances are you are already richer than most of the people on the planet. This is one of the reasons I have no moral problem with selling cheap games. Let me break it down:

I don't think are selling stolen games (lack of proof/unlikely given their huge range of games and continued existence). isn't scamming you by ripping you off and not giving you the game.
People who have a reasonable amount of money will simply buy directly from the game services (like Origin, Steam, Xbox, PSN, Gameforge, Battlenet, Uplay and Desura). This way they can guarantee they are making a unequivocally correct purchase.

People with a lesser income (and that is a very large number of people), will be tempted with piracy. I believe that cheap video games services like allow the big software publishers the opportunity to sell customer who simply can't afford to pay more and in actual fact this is a great thing for all concerned. In my experience as a business manager one of the hardest things for a company to do is created a pricing strategy which will protect margins and also encourage volumes sales. For companies it would be great to be able to sell the same product to those who can afford it at full price and simultaneously at a discount for those who need it. Unfortunately the reality is that it is very hard to do this, there is a danger you will miss out on potential income by selling something too cheaply or sell it for a profitable margin buy lose out on volume. That's why I not only think is not a scam, but a good service for all. People can see that sells are normal games being for less than the current retail price and this realises suspicion. If you can afford it, you simply purchase it through the normal channels safely and securely. If you can't you need to search for someone who can help you avoid scams to find a service allowing you to buy a legitimate copy at a discount. does exactly that.

I use an recommend if you you want to:
Buy video games at a discount
Buy legitimate video gams from Origin, Steam, Xbox, PSN, Gameforge, Battlenet, Uplay and Desura from less than the retail price.
Get a better price for you video games because vedeo game are too expensive.

Before I actually made a purchase at, I contacted their customer support and this is what they said (you can see it didn't convince me that they were not a scam, only actually buying games confirmed the legitimacy of their product):

G2a service chat screenshot

I hope all of this helps. Remember to click here to see the latest video games available and I hope you're happy now that is not a scam, just a way on-selling the games it has been able to obtain at a lower price point somehow (volume discounts or by purchasing from a foreign market).