A great top down shooter #Unity tutorial that will show you how easily you can make games.


Making video games is getting easier and easier thanks to great tools like Unity a 3D and 2D (and even 2.5D) video game building application. If you ever wanted to learn how to build a video game, Unity is fairly easy to use. You can almost get way with building game completely without learning code. It's not quite as easy as some click and build game creators but it is a professional video game development tool that is relatively easy to use.


Unity is now pretty much the only video game development tool I am using and recently I came across a great tutorial which will help you build a complete top down 3D shooter from scratch. You don't have to build the 3D objects and you don't have to write the code, but after you follow the tutorial, you can replace them with your own 3D objects and adjust the code.

What I really liked about his tutorial is that it is clear, easy to follow and short but also complete. It's almost a starter kit for a topdown 3D shooter and if you just take the time to carefully follow it step by step, within a few hours you will have build a simple top down shooter game level. Perhaps the best thing about this tutorial is that if you want to learn about code you can follow through as the code is explained, but you can also just copy it and paste the code if that's not your thing.

I used these slides as a my instructions occasionally viewing these youtube videos when I got stuck.

Download the project assets from the unity asset store.

Here are the Unity instruction videos for this top down shooter on Youtube: