How do I permanently make Google forever show results in English?

(Countries where English is Spoken, if you live elsewhere, Google might give you a hard time)
I though I had sucessfully changed it so that Google showed results in English. I thought results would come up in English forever. I had changed my homepage to following advice from google and thought that was enough. But one day Google started showing results in Spanish and I couldn’t change back. I signed out of a Google account. I deleted the cache.. nothing worked. Then I discovered the fix.
Here is the latest change to to my homepage settings I hope will permanently show Google search results in English.

How to change it so your google search results show in English:

This is the right URL for showing result only in English:
if that doesn't work, this might:
or you can also try:
Once you find one that works, change your default homepage to that URL if you want your results to be permanently shown in English. Hope it works for you, seems to have solved it for me. Until Google changes again?…