Digital content delivery still fails while pirates prosper.

Pirate or Buy dilema

How can content owners not get it?

I mean, I just can´t really understand how large companies who produce/sell movies, TV shows and who sell music, still resist making thier content on decent digital delivery services. Are they really still making that much from DVD's and CD's ? It seams preposterous to me because I don't buy them. If I cant get my content online, I don't buy it. I don't want to have to put a DVD in my computer and have to rip it to add it to my digital library and I dont want to fill my house up with mor platic "things". I should add that I don't subscribe to a cable service and I do not watch normal free to air TV.

Does this mean I pirate content? No, it means I accept a lower catalogue of movies and I'm more selective about what I buy, oh and I'm desperate for someone to wake up and take my money.

I think we need a Spotify type service for movies and TV. If you're not familiar with Spotify, it's a music streaming service that works like magic. You simply pay a reasonable fee (and there is a free option) to listen to any song in their vast large library whenever you want.

Why can't video be like this? It would be easy to have a streaming only service that was tiered and allowed you to view any content you wanted by paying a reasonable fee which started high for recent releases and decreased in cost if you were prepared to watch shows after they had aged a bit. While your at it, why not make it so there was one service that customers could subscribe to worldwide or regardless of the platform I'm on? I'm, so sick of not being able to see something because I live in the the wrong country or that I'm viewing it on my iPad. You cant tell me it's because people who have paid for licensing rights want to protect their ratings. If they paid for a rregion, give them the revenue for that region. If youtube can monetize an entire world of video, it can't be impossible.

I wonder, do the the executives of these large companies never listen to or play other peoples content? Does a Disney exec never get annoyed that he doesn't have a modern easy method of acessing movies and shows from other distributers? Torrents are easy, live streaming is easy. Yet people like myself who don't want to do these things are the ones who are the worse off.

I sincerely hope content providers wakeup and allow their property to be sold in a maner that is at least as convenient as the pirates make it. If not, they might have a hard life going forward. They are certainly missing out on revenue and I can promise each and every one of them I no longer buy things the old way and I never will again.

Perhaps the most poignant observation of the farce that is modern digital content delivery is this strip from (this is not the full strip, you are better to go to the source to see that).

Note, I'm not trying to take thier copywrite image, go an read the fiull trip at

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