New Top Gear Series 24 trailer #topgear #cars

by Andrew Brett Watson

Here are two of the new Top Gear Trailers.

I’ve always been an on and off fan of Top Gear. I never like Jeremy Clarkson abut I enjoyed the format of the show and I like Mat Le Blancs involvement. I’m looking forward to a new series, in any case it’s fun to watch these two trailers:

The NEW New Top Gear Series 24 trailer

and then there's this...

A slightly older a, longer more advertisement style trailer for Top Gear series 24.

I hope there are more Electric cars in New Top Gear Series 24.

Is Chewbacca going to go bald?

by Andrew Brett Watson

It's very unlikely Chewbacca the Wookie from Star Wars will go bald.

Most hair covered animals don't "go bald" as they get older. We (humans) are one of the exceptions.

Although we don't knew were Chewbacca is from or what species he is, if you look at animals on Earth, it's unlikely that any Wookie will go bald.

I love that hairy Wookie.

Christmas decorations trending.. in July?

by Andrew Brett Watson

Christmas decorations are trending. This was in my inbox. It's july. It's only just closer to next Christmas than to last Christmas. Go home Pinterest, you're drunk.

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