#Apple’s embarrassingly poor technology

by Andrew Brett Watson

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Before I start, let me say, I have been called an Apple Fanboy many times in the past. The phrase "you should work for Apple" has been uttered too often to count. I’ve even written that Apple to Apples (ahem), Apple computers are better than Windows PC’s. And I once pointed out that thanks to Microsoft adopting a look-alike font to Apple’s corporate font as their own corporate font, years later Microsoft’s new logo looked like it was written in Apples corporate font.

So,yea. I’m an Apple fan.

Except somewhere between writing those blog posts and now, Apple’s computers became downright embarrassing.

Read more: #Apple’s embarrassingly poor technology

So, are you ready to say "overpriced piece of crap" #apple haters? #samsungsucks, turns out #appleisbetter

by Andrew Brett Watson

I don't know how many times I've heard people say "overprice piece of crap" when talking about an Apple product. If course none of those people had ever used OS X and very few of them understood the value proposition of quality=longevity, free lifetime updates, lower maintenance costs and better user experience/improved productivity. They tended to think like: 4gb is better than 2gb. Thats where the "piece of crap" comment comes form, the inference that a lower hardware specification means a less capable device. The "over priced" part really happens because you can buy cheap PC's, but cheap I mean, cheaply built with budget plastic parts. But as soon as you get a PC with a similar build quality you will see that Apple products are not at all overpriced.

The truth is that a devices quality and preformance depend on both hardware and software. Thet´s why Apple continually outperforms, because it develops both.

So I got more than a little bit of Shadenfruede to learn that the new Samsung flagship phone is more expensive than the current iPhone and does't even hold a candle to it performance-wise.

So Apple hater, is that  "an overpriced piece of crap"? I think it literally has to be.

@Viewmaster great evolution of the viewmaster, #kids will love it!

by Andrew Brett Watson

Did you have a Viewmaster? I did, great fun. Well now there are a lot of 3D experiences you can have with your iPhone like, for example I bought a Google cardboard (a cardboard virtual reality viewer for you iPhone - hint: it's shit, cardboard 2,3 or later should be much better).

So how does Viemaster compete with other VR iPhone products? Like this… (I found myself saying "that's pretty neat", so I had to share). I think Viewmaster have done a great job in preserving the old Viewmaster experience in a modern format…

If you want to introduce you kids to VR then this new Viewmaster for iPhone looks like great fun!

(um works with Android too)