Don't like @teslamotors selling cars directly? Listen up. I tried to buy another brand from "dealers" but none even answered the phone!

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Ok so this happened. I decided to buy a new car to improve the comfort of transporting my growing family. I want an electric car as this is the ONLY area I want to contribute to financially, but, sadly, they are out of my price range at the moment. And when I tried to buy a car the conventional way... it was twarted by... the dealers.


So I decided to buy a 1 liter gasoline car for what would hopefully be my last petrol powered car. I like the idea that of a small motor uses less fuel and reduces pollution (but is turbo charged so as to achieve acceptable performance). I found a car I like the look of and did some due diligence and decided I would like to buy it.

If someone will let me.

The first available saturday afternoon I drove down to the dealer to take a look. It turns out, the dealer is not open on Saturday after 2:00pm. Given that I work during the week and also have commitments on saturday mornings, that makes it very difficult.

I decided to ring and make sure that they have one for viewing (it is after all a new model), and after finding the ones in my area,  I started calling on a saturday at about 11:00am. I called three dealers and each time nobody answered the phone. I even let the phone ring out.

I'm not saying buying from Tesla motors is better because I have no experience with that. But I know there is a lot of opposition to the way they sell (directly via showrooms in shopping malls) and after trying to buy another brand, all I can say is; selling cars through a dealership doesn't seam to be doing them any favours.

UPDATE: I managed to get through using the brands online chat and I asked where I could view the vehicle and they said they didn't know because all thier dealers are independant and they didn't know which ones have this model on display. I'm pretty sure Testla Motors would be able to tell me where I could go to view a Model S.