Where to find coffee products and coffee grinders in Spain.

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This is a small post to help people find a group Companies which sell great coffee products in Spain. Of course my opinion is biased, I work there. But if you are looking for a Spanish coffee supplier internationally or in Spain you are welcome to cheek out these companies:
Product: Spanish Coffee bean products, especially the Spanish only “Torrefacto”.
Franchise coffee shops may be interested in the natural Spanish roared coffee which give the product a darker colour/more intense flavour.
Bars and restaurants looking for a way to differentiate will enjoy offering a blend of Spanish “Torrefacto”
Bars, hotels, restaurants, coffee franchises and coffee shops could benefit from our wide range of coffee beans.
For grinders you may be interested in Molinos MODO they offer:
Grinder with integrated payment system.
Why? Coffee suppliers will benefit from an amazing product which simplifies the delivery process and guarantees payment.
Hotel, Bar, restaurant and Cafe owners will also be interested in the controlled payment system this product offers.
Compatible Capsules from Cabú Coffee.
We are looking to connect with supermarkets, coffee shops and shops which carry coffee products. We are looking of distributors around the world for our range of coffee capsules.