Free unlimited cloud storage with BitTorrent Sync

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Free unlimited cloud storage with BitTorrent Sync

There's a great new app/service called BitTorrent Sync (in Alpha at time of writing). It's a little misleading to call it cloud storage because, well, it isn't. But it kinda does the same thing and it just might be what you are looking for if you want free unlimited cloud storage.

Here's how it works.

BitTorrent Sync is a new service from bit labs, the guys that make bit torrent. It's very simple. Install the program on more than one Mac or PC, paste in the encryption key and BitTorrent Sync with sync all the files in the folders of your choosing.  Easy.

Where it differs from cloud storage is that there is no, um, cloud. The files are not stored on any remote server, they are only stored on your computers. This is only a small limitation and for my needs the "cloud" part (using external servers) wasn't the functionality I needed. I only really wanted on thing: The ability to sync a folder securely with more than one computer over the internet without space limitations (I have lots of stock photos for my design work).

The only real pitfall of not using the cloud, is that you need to have both computers on at the same time in order to sync. With a true cloud solution, your files are first synced a remote server and then to other devices meaning you only need one of these devices on to sync to the cloud. I wanted to sync a folder at home and at work. The problem is that normally when I'm working my home computer is off and when I'm at home then the work computer is off. Luckily because my kid use my home computer to serve video up to the TV this is not always the case and now I have a folder with unlimited storage synced between two computers and the solution was completely free.

That's a big recommend to all you folks who need to sync your computers and have a lot of data. Enjoy.

Get it here.