How to auto-change from slide to slide with Yootheme Widget kit.

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enable autoplay en yootheme widgetkit

How to change from slide to slide or item to item automatically using Yootheme Widget kit on your Joomla website.

I got a bit stuck using Yootheme widget kit for a slideshow. I couldn't find how change from slide to slide (item to item) automatically. I couldn’t see it in the widget kit component at first, so I thought I might have to specify it as a shortcode. Nope wrong again. It turns out it was much easier than that.


I put videos in the "Home Fullscreen Slideshow" of my Yootheme template and instead of having to click the arrows to change from slide to slide, I wanted to automatically move on (change from video to video at the end of each one). It was simple:

Here’s how to configure widget kit to automatically change from item to item:

  1. In the Joomla backend, go to components>widgetkit
  2. Click on the widget you have created (in my case the Home Fullscreen Slideshow) and then look up at the top right. You should see a settings button.
  3. Click settings and look for the animation settings.
  4. In the animation settings you can choose to enable autoplay. Then you can set the time in milliseconds for how long until it changes. (image above)

Note: If you set the autoplay feature on your widget to a smaller time than your video then it will pickup where it left off when it returns to that slide/item. This could be useful, but I think it would be better to time the change exactly the same as the length of your video.

Unfortunately for me, my videos were all a different length and there is no way you can set the automatic change to be different for each slide/video. I decided to trim them all to be the same length so that the auto change sync with the videos.