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fastest free #Joomla templates of 2015

What is the fastest free #Joomla template (2015)?

I wanted to know which would be the fastest free joomla template. I know that Joomla is a great way for people to get into web development for free (kudos Joomla opens source devs!) and for many people that’s important. When I started with Joomla I couldn’t afford anything.


These days many of the big template clubs offer free Joomla templates in order to attract customers, who later make purchases. I use these now and then for side projects and simply wanted to know which free Joomla template was the fastest because, well, the server it was going on was slow.

I used googles page speed insights to test both the mobile and desktop speed and then recorded the data. Why did I choose page speed insights to find the fastest free Joomla template? Easy, because its test is less biased towards the speed of the server and more geared towards the actually setup of the site.

Note: It is true that some template makers may have tweaked their settings better than others and therefore the follow data may not be a true representation of which template is fastest, but I believe that they should know what they are doing and the results might at least give me a place to start.

I recommend you do your own testing and also follow the links to see if any newer free Joomla templates are averrable as newly optimized templates can often be faster.

Oh, and I didn’t test any templates I didn’t like to look of. I’m a graphic designer and that is also important to me.

Here are the scores:

Use command (Mac) or ctrl (PC) to open each one in a new window. If the link is breaks, please let me know.

  • Template name          Mobile   Desktop
  • Purity                             48    55
  • Zenith II                         61    76
  • Foodworld                       53    76
  • Ja Elastica                       42    48
  • Shape 5 Vertex:               72    85
  • Shape 5 Design Control    68    85
  • Blanc                              39    54
  • Baseline                          39    54
  • Takai                              63    80
  • Master 2                    (couldn't test)
  • Favorite Dark                  34    51
  • Favourite                        34    51
  • Magazine (gavic pro)       51    63

Note: I also tested a few paid templates and found that on the whole Yootheme templates came out on the whole faster. Again, they may have optimized them better, but that does say something doesn’t it.

Helios                           60    66
Peak                             74    90                
Square                         74    85