Fixing non responsive buttons after Joomla upgrade/update:

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Fixing non responsive buttons after Joomla upgrade update

Things you can try if your save button or save as buttons don’t work after upgrading Joomla or migrating from another CMS or older Joomla version:

Once upon a time I upgrade my Joomla only to find a strange phenomena where some of the buttons for save and close etc in the article manager didn’t work anymore. There were also other buttons in the module manger which didn’t respond when clicked. I tried all of the options below, but it was the first one which fixed the buttons. I simply cleared the browser cache and refreshed. I’ll leave all of these options here in case another is necessary.

Fixing non responsive buttons after Joomla upgrade/update:

  1. Clear your browser cache and reload Joomla administrator backend see if the buttons work now.
  2. Clear the Joomla cache (System>clear cache) and reload the Joomla administrator backend to try the buttons.
  3. Turn error reporting off (System>Global Configuration>Server tab> Error Reporting = None) and reload the page to see if there is an error reported you can use for search. If you see an error, do a search for that particular problem.
  4. Overwrite the Joomla files with a fresh batch. Look for latest upgrade version that isn’t from a lower point number (e.g. if you are using Joomla 3.x, don’t use an upgrade version from 2.5). Download it fresh from and use and FTP program to overwrite the Joomla installation with the Joomla upgrade diles (MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE CURRENT FILE FIRST EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT WORKING). Once you have freshen up your Joomla install, clear the browser cache, the joomla cache and reload the site.

One of these should fix save edit publish unpublished featured archive checkin trash batch or export buttons. Which one worked for you?