How to change the Gavick Pro Joomla templates Login Button to a custom URL

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If you have installed a Gavick pro Joomla template, you may not have any use for the login button which usually appears at the top right of the template, but the button stands out and could be useful for other things. I wanted to change the login button so it was linked to an online shop, here is how I did it:
Change the Log in button on Gavick Pro templates to a custom URL
Note: For my purposes I just wanted to link the “Log In” button directly to a sub domain, so I also wanted to disable the pop up. If you aren’t looking to disable the popup, then by all mean read this for useful info, but your solution will be different.
NOTE: Always remember that depending on your Cache settings for Joomla and/or the Gavic Pro template, you may need to constantly delete your history/clear the cache to see your changes reflected int the front end. I recommend checking changes in a separate browser from the one you are editing with.

How to change the “Log in” button URL in a Gavick Pro template and link it directly to another URL (without the pop-up registration module):

  1. Login to you web hoisting via FTP
  2. Navigate to the templates folder and choose the Gavick Pro template you are using
  3. Go into the folder /templates/[your Gavick Pro Template]/layouts/blocks/tools and look for the file “login.php”
  4. All I did was edit that file and then empty it. Thats right. I deleted everything and saved the blank file. I will be honest and say I have no idea if this will affect anything else, but with only one more step I have the login button linked correctly.
  5. To link the button to the page your choice after you have cleaned out the login.php file and uploaded it back to the server, the last step is to go to the admin of Joomla and go to template manager. Click on your Gavick Pro template in the list and click on the “Features” tab. Here you can put your custom URL into the “Login URL” box. After you save this, clicking on the login URL will take you straight there.
One last thing you may want to do is... Rename the "Log In" button, to do this you need to edit the ini file for your template:
It can be found in /language/en-GB (or whichever language you are changing)
Look for a file similar to “en-GB.tpl_gk_musicstate.ini”  
Note: The part en-GB will change according to the language you are using and the ‘gk_musicstate’ part will change depending on the Gavick Pro template you are using. It may have any of these template names: Event Manager, University, Storefront, John, News 2, MO, Game, inStyle, Music State, CloudHost, (M) Social, Shop & Buy, Bluap, Creativity, RockWall, StoreBox, Simplicity, Magazine, News, Publisher, Startup, Fest, Game News, Creative, Meet Gavern, Bike Store, Music Free, Fashion, Restaurant, AppsPro Tech, League News, eSport, The Real Design, Music, Game Magazine, Boutique
Once you edit the template ini, change the line (put your custom text between the quotes):
Save it and upload it back to the server to view the changes.