How to make Gavick Pro Image Show GK4 Responsive in #Joomla

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If you are using a Gavick Pro template with Joomla but the image doesn’t scale when the browser window size is changed, fret not, I encountered this problem and can help you out.
It turns out not all the Module styles for the Image Show GK4 are responsive. What does this mean? It means that unless your settings are correct, the images shown in the Gavick Pro Image Show (GK4) will not scale with the rest of the website.
The good news is this means fixing it is only a matter of changing settings (my favourite kind of fix).
Heres what to do to make the Gavick GK4 Image Show module scale with your web browser:
1) Login to your Joomla Backend.
2) Go to the module manager.
3) Edit the Gavick GK4 Image Show module.
4) Click on the Basic tab on the left pane as shown in the screenshot.
5) Change the “Module Style”, save the module changes and check the changes that have occurred.
Module Gavick Image Show setting for responsive
As I have said, not all the Module Styles for the Gavick Pro Image Show GK4 are responsive and some scale down in steps, while some scale dynamically as you change the browser size.
Remember you will need to adjust Image sizes in the “Interface” tab for every different Module Sytle so I suggest you start by finding the module style which works for you by saving and then refreshing  the Joomla front page.
When you have found a responsive style which scales the way you want, go back to the interface tab and tweak the setting to make sure the Gavick GK4 Image Show module displays perfectly on your Joomla site.
Hope that helps.