Customise the Frontpage on Gavick Pro #Joomla Templates

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Where can you find instructions on customising the Front page of Gavic Pro Joomla templates?
Customise the Frontpage on Gavick Pro Joomla Templates
Ok. So you just installed a Gavick Pro template and can’t work out how to make the frontage look like their demo. Well, I have two suggestions for you:

1) Follow Gavick Pros instructions on how to customise the frontpage:
To get your homepage looking like the Gavick pro demo, nothing is better than their instructions. I had a problem working out how to get the parallax effect working and the biggest hurdle was that I couldn’t find their instruction page.
Go to the Gavik Pro site and click on the demo for your template. The instructions for customising the frontage can be found under “Typography”>”Frontpage Elements”. I have suggested to them to change it to something like “Customise Frontpage” until then, on all the templates up until know that’s where you can find out how to change the frontage page.
It contains onto on page suffixes, module suffixes on the frontage and navigation icons (the little down arrows in circles) etc.
2) See how Gavick does it:
Install another instance of Joomla using the Gavick Pro quick start. If you use the Gavick Pro quick start you will be able to see how the frontage is setup. As long as you can add another database and have enough hosting/server space this would be a good option, then you can just copy the settings.
TIP: Use a bitnami application bundle to install Joomla on your local machine. If you have an Apple MAC, search the app store for "Joomla" and download "Joomlastack" it's a preinstalled joomla instance with it's own server/database function.
Hope that helps.