How to remove space around a Gavick Pro Joomla template module position

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How to remove space around a Gavick Pro Joomla template module position.

I wanted to take out the gap abound a modules position from a Gavick Pro joomla template. As I am not that great with CSS I was hoping for a simple module class suffix that would do the job.

Instead I found that removing the padding from a Gavick Pro template required a bit of custom CSS, but don’t worry rather than asume you have any previous CSS knowledge here is a step by step about how you can remove space around a module in Joomla if you are using a Gavick Pro template and don’t have much technical programming knowledge.

I will assume you have basic knowledge of the Joomla backend.

To delete spacing around a module position you are going to need to add some custom CSS but don’t worry Gavick Pro are nice enough to have provided the place to do this and I am going to give you the code to past into it.

Log in to your Joomla administrator backend and click on Extension>Template Manager
Click on the Gavick Pro template in the list.
Now click on the advanced tab.
In the box “Custom CSS code” add the following line (but change the word “header” after the #gk to the module position from which you want the space removed):

#gkHeader { padding: 0!important;}

After you save that all the padding (space) around the module should be gone. If not you may need to check that you have not pasted my code AND changed it to the format like this (check that it is written correctly):

#gkMODULEPOSITION { padding: 0!important;}

(where MODULEPOSITION it the module position you want to meet up nicely with the edges of the template).

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