Images and Photos randomly disappear in Joomla (SOLUTION)

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Photos and images disappear Joomla.gif
Your Image or Photo is correctly placed in an article in Joomla, but when you view it from the fronted it quickly appears and then poof, the image is gone, disappeared. Is that your problem? Then try this solution:
Login to your joomla Administrator backend, go to Extensions>Plugin Manager
Choose "System" from the 'Type' dropdown boxes on the left
Ensure that the Joomla 'System – SEF' is shown as the first plugin in the systems plugins list.
If you use the Joomla plugin sh404sef, make sure that 'System – SEF' is before sh404sef
Done, that should stop the error that the images disappear on the frontend of Joomla. Make sure you your browser cache cache and Joomla cache before you refresh the page.
When my images disappeared *poof* on the Joomal frontend I was scratching my head trying to fix the HTML in the end the random disappearance of images and photos in Joomla turned out to be because of the order of the Joomla system plugin 'System – SEF' and fixing it was easy after that.
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