How to publish or unpublish Name Surname and other Community Builder system fields in Joomla.

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Community builder Configuration Screenshot
So you want to one of the following Community Builder system fields either to be publish or unplublished in the Joomla frontend: Name, firstname, middlename, lastname and username, right?
But it says in Community Builder field management:
No (System-fields cannot be published/unpublished here. Name-fields publishing depends on your setting in global CB config.)
I stubbled across the solution so I hope to save you some trouble.
As with any change, make sure you have your entire Joomla site backed up before you start.
You have to alter the way Community Builder collects it’s data in order to show the system fields. WARNING when you make the changes to Community Builder that I am about to describe please take note that if you choose to collect surnames by publishing the surname system field, all the existing data in the Name fields will seam to disappear. Don’t worry, it will still be there, but will no longer show up. If you have a lot of existing data the best solution might be to simply change the front end description of the field “Name” to read “Name and Surname”.
Publishing or unpublishing Name Surname and other Community Builder system fields is done int the Community Builder Configuration screen. When you change the name style, Community Builder will change the way it collects the data and the surname field will be published on the registration screen (remember this might have the effect of hiding some data as described above).
Here is a screenshot of the Community builder configuration screen and which setting to change:
Community builder Configuration Screenshot