How do you view a Joomla blog or article Page as an RSS feed?

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RSS feed screenshot for Andrew Brettt
How to view your Joomla Page as an RSS feed:

There are many reasons you will want to view your Joomla website as and RSS feed.
If you use IFTTT to  publish your rss feeds to other services like Facebook or Twitter you may want to know how to view and RSS feed for category blog pages for different categories (as one example).

To do this, simply browse to the page you want the see the RSS feed from and the flowing code the URL:


Please note, you might need to use a forward slash at the end of a search engine friendly url for a blog page or article page. In this case the code for showing a Joomla page as and RSS Feed would be:


You will see the RSS feed for that page and can use that to add into another Joomla module or as an IFTTT trigger.

So in the end the URL for your RSS feed would look like this: