How to fix the "Invalid Token, in store config" error stopping you from updating Virtuemart in the Joomla administrator backend.

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Oops, you just got an error trying to update Virtuemart right? You tried to use live update to update for Virtuemart in the Joomla admin and got the error "Invalid Token, in store config". That sucks. Fortunately it's easy to fix.
First, before you start Backup your site, or at the very least you virtue mart installation.
They way I found to fix the "Invalid Token, in store config" error stopping you from updating Virtuemart was to install the lasted version over the top by downloading the newest Virtualmart version and installing it from Joomla extensions manager. NOTE: this was for a default installation which had not yet been used and so al the configuration files were still default. IF YOUR SITE IS LIVE OR UNDERCONSTRUCTION, THIS MAY OVERWRITE SOME OF YOU CONFIGURATION FILES - try this instead:
The other way to fix the "Invalid Token, in store config" error (which I didn't actually do, but one can easily assume it would work), is to do a manual upgrade by transferring the files over FTP. Just go to and download the correct upgrade version, unzip it and upload the files in the same folder structure to your website. Programs like filezilla will allow you to simply drag and drop the files into the Joomla root folder and will overwrite the files within the folder structure, not the folder themselves, thus preserving you configuration files and existing installation.
Now that the "Invalid Token, in store config" error is gone and virtue mart is up to date, you can concentrate on selling your goods  :)