Fix a SQL database with no Joomla 3.1 backend access

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Got a problem and need to fix your SQL database with no Joomla 3.1 backend access? Frustrating isn't it, when you see a youtube video telling you to use extension manager to fix your Joomla database, but if the error you are receiving is stopping you from getting into the administrator backend (like the Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error). What do you do? Well… here's the fix:
Log in to your hosting account and click on the icon for "phpMyAdmin". You will need to put in your login credentials to get in to your database, after that solving this error is easy. Once the PHPmyAdmin is open, follow these steps
  • Click on click on the database pane to the left, you will see all the tables of the database listed in the main pane of phpmyadmin.
  • To repair your database, scroll to the bottom of the tables and click the the words "check all".
  • Now, from the drop down menu just to the right, click and choose "repair tables".
Here's a screen shot:
repair mysql tables on phpmyadmin