Error File format (v.1.5.6) not supported. Impossible to import file when importing J2XML data in Joomla 3.0/2.5

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If you come across and error when importing J2XML data in Joomla 3.0: "File format (v.1.5.6) not supported. Impossible to import file" here is show to resolve it. The error looks like this:

The error is erroneous it doesn't actually correctly direct to the problem. Actually theree is no problem (probably) with the file format you are trying to import, this error is caused because the J2XML 1.5 importer plugin is not installed or plugin is not enabled, here's how to fix it:
Fix the issue by installing the 1.5 importer plugin and enabling it:
Download the plugin called "J2XML Importer 1.5" and you can get it from Go to the administrator backend an click on Extensions>Extension Manager. From there you can click the browse button and find the J2XML Importer 1.5 that you just down loaded and install it like you would any other Joomla extension.
Now enable the plugin:
To enable the J2XML plugin, in your Joomla backend click on Extensions>Plug-In manager. In the search box, type J2XML. Click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search and you will see this result:
J2XML-not-enabled screenshot
As you can see the J2XML plugin is not enabled. Enable it by clicking the red X next to  "J2XML Importer 1.5" in the status row. You don't need to enable the export/send buttons unless you plan on export/send dat out again. It will look like this when enabled:
J2XM-enabled screenshot
Now go back to the J2XML component and try to import again. The "File format (v.1.5.6) not supported. Impossible to import file" error should no longer appear and you should see the article importing correctly. Hope it works for you! Leave a comment!