Why does Google webmaster tools keep asking me to verify my site?

Published in Joomla
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Once a site is verified by google in the webmaster tools control panel there is generally no need for Google to verify it again. However that can change. There may be a valid reason for Google asking you to verify your site again (see below) or it could simply be at Googles discretion because, well, it's googles prerogative. Maybe it just want's to keep you honest.

The best thing to do is count to 10 for anger management and verify the site again, leaving the verification html file on your site. In my experience Google does re-check for the html file periodically. If it is not there Google may ask you to verify the site again.

Some sites recommend you delete the html file for "security" reasons. In my opinion the best way is simply to change the file permissions to 444, that means even a logged on administrator won't be able to change the file, so there is no security risk from that file, even if someone gains access to your site. Connect to your server using an FTP client and right click on the file. Change the file to "read only" you should see it's permissions change to 444.

There is nothing much more you can do to stop google from asking you to verify your site again. If there are no changes, Google shouldn't actually bother you constantly.