How to protect your PC from the latest ransomware called not-petya

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How to protect your PC from the latest ransomware called not-petya

Ok, so this is just to help anyone on a PC who is afraid of the ransomware virus called "not-petya". It’s a pretty nasty ransomware and I found this batch file on the internet which will vaccinate your machine against it.
It works by creating three empty files that can’t be overwritten with the same name that the virus uses. Then if the virus tries to get on your system, it can't save to the hard disk, so it simply won’t work.

If you are paranoid (not a bad thing) you can open the file in a text editor like notepad first and see what it is doing. Even if you don’t understand the script, you can clearly see where it creates the dummy files, and that it doesn't download any virus or malware.

You will also find information in the batch file about the creators.

Instructions for protecting your PC from the latest ransomware called not-petya:

  • CLICK HERE to download the batch file.
  • Right-click the file and click "run as administrator"

Of course, you should NEVER run anything you are not sure about as administrator even if you are told to do so by some random guy on the internet. This is why I encourage you to open it in notepad first to see what is does.

The batch file will create the dummy files needed to stop the not-petya ransomware/virus from installing on your system.

NOTE: This only protects your PC from ransomware named not-petya. You need to stay vigilant and keep your system up to date to have maximum protection against other threats.

With that said, the next thing you should do is:

  • Run Windows Update
  • Open you Virus checker and select "update/download new virus definitions"
  • Search in Google for "Adobe Flash Download" then download and install it to update your flash player.

You don’t need the last three steps to protect your PC from not-petya, but they will help your PC be more secure again al other threats in the future.

By the way, if you are interested, its call 'not petya' because originally people thought it was the petya virus. Some also call it 'sorta petya' becuase it is similar.

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