Suddenly "no posts found" in your Wordpress backend

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Suddenly no posts found in your Wordpress backend with PolyLang.


Did you suddenly find no posts found on your Wordpress backend? I did, and I couldn’t work out why despite having lots of blog posts. I solved not seeing any posts in the Wordpress administration area by simply checking the language flags at the top of the screen.

Take a look at this screenshot. When I saw “No posts Found”, I started frantically looking online for a solution.


But there wasn’t any error, the answer was right there. I was using Polylang and for some reason during a theme update, it changed the language setting and was only showing German language content (do you see the word “Deutsch” with a German Flag on it?). But I didn’t have any German contact for that website yet. That's why “No posts found” because there were no posts in German! (all my post were in English)


So all I had to do was change to showing “all languages” and my blog posts were visible once again was back showing in the list.

I’m sure this will be a common problem for people using Wordpress with other language plugins and it’s easy to overlook the language setting at the top. Then you wonder why the post screen is empty even if you have blog posts written.

What can you do if this doesn’t solve the “No posts found” error?

If you aren’t using a multilingual plugin and so the language settings are not the reason the “no posts found” error appears, here is how I located the problem, I used trial and error, I didn’t just discover it.

To find what was causing the “no posts found” error I turned off all the plugins one by one. When I turned off Polylang, suddenly all my content was back. That’s how I discovered it was the language setting on the posts page in the Wordpress administrator backend.

You man not be able to solve the “No posts found” by changing your language setting on the posts page but once you work out which plugin is responsible for your content not appearing then you are on your way to solving the "No posts found" problem.


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