Help! My Fusion Builder button has disappeared and all I see is code using Avada theme on Wordpress.

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Fusion Builder button has disappeared and all I see is code


Sound familiar? You changes something in Wordpress and now the fusion builder button is not appearing in your post or pages, instead all you see is code. I’m not talk bout the little Fusion shortcode generator button, I’m talking about the big Fusion Builder button which allows you to build pages using the Fusion Builder, you’ve lost it, it doesn’t even appear at the top of of your Wordpress post or article. Sound like the issue?

Worry not. I might have the solution.


It appears that often when Avada upgrades or something is changed, the button can some get ditched off. So all you need to do is switch it on.

Heres who to get the fusion button back on the top of your Posts and Pages in the Wordpress administration backend.

There are two settings you need to know about both are found in the Fusion builder settings area.

To change these setting Login into the Wordpress administrator backend and click “Fusion Builder”, then click the setting tab.

Setting One: Fusion Builder Auto Activation

Turning Fusion Builder Auto Activtion On


If you want the Fusion Builder to automatically appear whenever you edit a post or page, you need to turn Fusion Builder Auto Activation on (set it to “YES”).


Setting Two: Post Types

Fusion Builder turn on for posts and pages

On the same setting page you can scroll down and choose the Fusion Builder to be available for various parts of the sites. You probably want to check the tick box next to posts and pages.


Hopefully after that the Fusion Builder button will appear again in your posts and pages in the Wordpress backend.