How to export html and run it off the Hard Drive with Mail Designer from Equinux

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Are you using Mail designer or Mail designer pro (the Mac app by Equinux) and want to do a test? The easiest way I found is to output as html and then double click the HTML file so you can test the email in your browser.

There is just one problem. How do you set the path so that the images are displayed when you output HTML Mail Designer (normal and Pro 3) from Equinux and open the file locally.

 Mail Designer from Equinux export html dialogue

The solution is simple. The path to put into the “Export design as website” dialogue so that it will work locally is ./

It’s as simple as that. To make the email html file work off you hard drive when using Mail Designer from Equinux jus put ./ as the “prefix images with” path.

Putting ./ in the “prefix images with” are of the Export design as website dialogue box will tell Mail Designer to write that into the code and now when you double click the html, it will load up perfectly.