How to flip normals in Cinema 4D #3D #Cinema4D

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Flipping normals in cinema 4D. It's easy. But when I had a 3D game object which was viewed from the ouside but was invisible to the renderer because the normals weren't on the correct side, do you think I could find a quick explanation? So if you are looking to find out how to flip normals in Cineam 4D I hope this helps:

Cinema 4D filp normals

This pic show how you can flip the normals in Cinema 4D is easy,... once you know how.


To flip the normals in Cinema 4D you need to make sure your object is editable. The selct the face tool and choos the face/faces that you want to flip the normals for. Right click and you will see an option to flip the normals. I don't know how to flip the normals on and object, but it is easy enough to select multiple faces and flip the normals on them.

Most 3D engines only render how one side of a face will look. If you have a box with the nomals flipped it will dissapear to the rendere, but if you go inside the box it will look like a room. Flip the normals again and from inside it will no longer show.

I hope this helps you flip the normals in Cinema 4D. Oh, and if you know mor about flipping normals in Cinema 4D than I do, feel free to let loose in the comments for the benifit of all concerned.

Cinema 4D filp normals