Can’t click the next button when installing a #TP-Link wifi range extender? Here's your #solution

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This article is about a very specific problem: Not being able to install/connect your TP-Link range extender because the admin window isn’t big enough for you to see the NEXT button (on the page where you choose which wifi network to connect to). If you can’t see the next button, you can’t click it and you can’t connect or install your TP-Link wifi range extender. Fortunately you have found the page with the solution.

It’s a pretty big deal to have an error where you can’t click on the next button when connecting you TP-Link range extender because the browser window which the admin interface runs in, will not let you resize it and it’s too small for the next button to appear.

If this happens, try connecting in another normal browser window to the following address:   (copy and past that into the url/address area of a browser like Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome).

You should be able to connect directly that way and not have a restricted window. This way you can see the next button and complete the installation/connection.

Just in case that doesn’t work, I’ll tell you how I found the ip address (the extenders URL). When I had the problem and I couldn’t see the next button to click it, I tried right-clicking the first “next” buttons which appeared and choosing “open in new window”. After doing this a couple of times I noticed that the address which was displayed at the bottom of the window changed to:

I knew to put this into a web browser and sure enough I was able to see the full administrator page and connect my TP-Link wifi range extender without any problem.

It may be however that the number is different for you and you will have to right click on buttons in the admin browser window of the TP-Link admin window and choose open in new window (by the way this admin browser window appears when you click on you wifi icon on the at the top right of your Mac screen (or the bottom right of your windows task bar) and connect to the TP-Link range extender which shows up. You should look at the bottom of the window to find the address and you can then use that in another browser window big enough to see all the buttons so you can successfully complete the connection/installation to you TP-Link range extender.

Sorry I don’t have a screenshot, after I connected it, I could no longer repurchase the problem.

I hope this solves your problems!