How to install CardDAV on a #Synology Diskstation

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How do I install CardDAV on a #Synology Diskstation? <tutorial>

 Connect to the CardDAV Server on your Synology Diskstation

Ok you got a Sinology Disktation and you know it can be used to sync contacts across multiple devices using a thing called CardDAV, but you can’t quite see where to set that up? Sounds like me, I could only find a wall of old information on the internet, none of it relevant to a Sinology disk station using  DSM 5.1. (DSM is the operating system of Sinology Disk stations - you find out which operating system your Sinology is using by logging in, clicking the control panel and then clicking the icon; “Info Center”).

I couldn’t find an easy explanation about CardDAV and how to set it up on my Mac, so I decided to find out and then write one (even if you don’t have a Mac the basic installation of CardDAV using your sinology interface will help windows users get started too).


NOTE: It is alway advised that you use the latest DSM version. You can uptade your Synology Diskstation through the Synology system unter Control Panel>Update and restore.

Here is how to install and use CardDAV on your Sinology Disk station for DSM 5.0 and above:

1) Make sure the Python Module is installed:

To install CardDAV on your Sinology diskstaiton DSM 5.x you will need to install the Python Module first. To do this, log in to the disk station and click the Package Center. Now click the “All” icon to show all the possible applications you can install. Look for the Python Module in the list and install it.

2) Install CArdDAV Server

Now in the same place (the package center) you need to locate the CardDAV server package and install it.

4) Give a user permission to access CardDAV

You need to give a user permissions to use the CarDAV service, or create a user for this purpose.

Log in to your Sinology Disk station and click on the control panel>user
If you want to create a new user, just click the create button, or you can use an existing user (click the user then the edit button). The thing you MUST do is allow this user access to the WebDAV Application (in the applications pane).

Applications permisisons Synology interface screenshot

5) Connecting your Mac to the CardDAV server

After your user is configured with access you can connect your Mac to the server very easily. Start by making a note of the IP address of your Synology Diskstation. It appears in the URL when you access the Diskstation. To find it, Open your Disk-station in a web browser and the a look at the web address, most likely it will be something like: 192.168.1.x   you are going to need this so make a note of it.

6) Connect The Mac Contacts App to the CardDAV server on you disk station

Open you Contact App on your Mac and go to the menu contacts>preferences
Click on the plus button and then click the “other” accounts option and click continue.

Apple Mac contaqcts app account settings
The first option should be the CardDAV so all you need to do is enter the username and password of the user you gave permission to the CardDAV in step (4) above and enter the IP address (the url) of your Sinology Diskstation in the filed for Server address. IMPORTANT: You need to ad “:8008” on the end of the url (without the quotes) to connect, so it should look something like this:

Server Address:   192.168.1.xx:8008  (where xx is the number correct of your Synology).

Mac Contacts app CardDAV settings screenshot

If you can seam to find your Diskstation on the network, don’t worry, Sinology have a tool to do it for you, click here to find it (you will be shown a screen which shows the Synologys IP address).

You should be able to connect with you CardDAV server and now have networked contacts on your Mac.